A Graphic Novel Concept and BFA Defense by Ke Gray
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Artist's Statement
Tonic Tones is a slice of life fantasy comic and cartoon that follows the misadventures of the magical duo, Loretta and Kam. One early morning, Loretta is excited to experience breakfast at the new café she’s discovered. Upon the two friends’ arrival, Kam suspects that it isn’t just the pancakes and freshly brewed coffee that awaits them. Tonic Tones is intended for kids, teens, and family audiences. 
While I was growing up, cartoons and comics were some of my favorite ways of enjoying art, and still are! My art style is influenced by some of the popular cartoons from my childhood such as Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Regular Show. Comics such as Suicide Squad, and webcomics like Unfamiliar and Monster Pop were additional some of my favorites. To embrace my love for childlike wonder, whimsy, and magical themes, I developed the concept for Tonic Tones to create a world that my younger self would be excited to envelop herself in.
Deliverables: Printed version (5.5” x 8.5”) & webcomic version 
~ Cover (front & back) 
~ 12 finished artworks 
~ 1 Full page spread
~ End page design
Process ↓
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Tight Inks​​​​​​​
Final Art
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